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  1on1 Photography Classes


  • We understand that every photographer is at a different level and sometimes people want to learn a specific photography or editing technique that doesn’t fall into the traditional courses.

  •   1on1 classes can be tailored to your interest and talent level and will be specific to the topic or style you are looking to learn.

  •   From 4 week beginners classes , to studio lighting set ups, abstract photography and anything in  between, let us help you conquer the next style! 

  •   Classes to be held at Ivan's starting at 100$ per 1h30min. lesson. 

1on1 Lightroom & Photoshop Classes

  • This course is designed to teach the basics of lightroom or photoshop. From downloading, workflow, and basic edits to navigation.

  • For students already comfortable with the basics of LR or PS 1on1 mentoring can take your images to the next level. 100$ per 1h30min sessions. 

More courses coming soon.

1on1 Art Inspiration Classes  

Feeling bored and uninspired? Why not learn and create to get inspired! 

Classes include: 

- Introduction to art appreciation & understanding. 

- Sketchbooking, collection & inspiration.

- Wearable art &modern customization. 

- B&W Film development basics.

- Abstract photography. 

- Smart Phone photography elements. 

- More coming soon.... 

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