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1on1 Classes & Workshops

From Photography to Visual Arts our business is to keep you inspired and growing!

     - Joël Culligan, in partnership with Ivan's Camera, now offers 1on1 classes and group workshops -


With a career full of exhibitions and expressions of art, along with 10 years of college photography,

visual art instruction, curriculum development and mentoring, Joël Culligan brings an unmatched talent, passion and inspiration that is contagious. Joël teaches not only workflow and techniques but new ways to collect, organize, feel and share the world around us. He boosts confidence and nudges his students to explore and create with the same passion he puts into his instruction and art.  Let us help you explore Photography and Visual Arts and tailor a learning experience that is designed for you, and that will evolve as you do.  

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  1on1 Photography Classes


  • We understand that every photographer is at a different level and sometimes people want to learn a specific photography or editing technique that doesn’t fall into the traditional courses.

  •   1on1 classes can be tailored to your interest and talent level and will be specific to the topic or style you are looking to learn.

  •   From 4 week beginners classes , to studio lighting set ups, abstract photography and anything in  between, let us help you conquer the next style! 

  •   Classes to be held at Ivan's starting at 75$ per 1h30min. lesson. 

1on1 Art Inspiration Classes  

Feeling bored and uninspired? Why not learn and create to get inspired! 

Classes include: 

- Introduction to art appreciation & understanding. 

- Sketchbooking, collection & inspiration.

- Wearable art &modern customization. 

- B&W Film development basics.

- Abstract photography. 

- Smart Phone photography elements. 

- More coming soon.... 

 1on1 & Small Group Field Trips


  • 1on1 field trips are meant to focus on specific areas of photography. Instruction happens in the field or on location and are tailored to the chosen need or focus.

  • Students learn techniques and practices while creating images in the field. 

  • They are guided to work through artistic and creative decision making and develop good photography habits and create new content. 

  • These classes can also be used as studio set ups or lighting classes.

  • Classes can be held in the field or on location at 100$ per 2 hours.

1on1 Lightroom & Photoshop Classes

  • This course is designed to teach the basics of lightroom or photoshop. From downloading, workflow, and basic edits to navigation.

  • For students already comfortable with the basics of LR or PS 1on1 mentoring can take your images to the next level.

More courses coming soon.

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